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About us

Dark Sky Audio Production focuses on the provision of affordable access to state of the art audio production, for small acoustic ensembles and soloists.

We offer an on-location recording service, in whatever interesting acoustic space you can find to work in. We also offer post-production editing, mixing, mastering, live sound and live stream engineering services.  

Based in the South of France, we are happy to travel throughout Europe to provide our on-location and live sound  services. The rest our services can be provided on-line. 

First and foremost, the team behind Dark Sky Audio Production are life-long musicians, with experience of all aspects of performance and audio production, across a variety of genres..

Our Services

On-Location Recording

Post Production



Live Sound

Live Stream Sound

On-Location Recording

Our operation is extremely mobile.. We are happy to travel to a location of your choice and help capture your performance. We are also happy to offer advice about the suitability of your recording space.

Post Production Editing

Using a suite of software tools we can prepare your source audio material so that it is ready to be mixed. For example we can..

- Remove extraneous noise that distracts from the quality of your performance.. Hum, clicks, crackle, string noises, breathiness. etc.. 

- Correct pitch and timing issues.

- Edit or 'comp' the best parts of multiple takes and piece them together to make one ‘perfect take’.    


This is where you start to hear your music take shape.

Mixing is the combination of audio tracks and the adjusting of their position in the stereo field, whilst controlling the frequency content and dynamics of their sound through EQ and Compression. It also includes the application of effects such as reverb, which gives the audience an enhanced and more pleasurable listening experience

Basically, we take the individual elements of your recording and work with you to create a balanced and unified piece or song.

We are always happy to work with whatever reference tracks you wish to provide, to help guide the crafting of the right sound for you.


Audio mastering is the final and most critical step in the audio production process. It’s the stage between the final mixdown and the distribution of your music. Once mastered, your songs are then ‘release ready’ and will stand up comparably in quality and loudness to commercially released music

Though nothing beats getting your mix mastered by a specialist mastering engineer, there are sometimes time/budgetary constraints that mean that it is more practical for your mastering to be done by your mix engineer. This process can be aided by our use of software tools such the AI-powered mastering suite.. Izotope Ozone 9 Advanced... which can help speed up referencing, analysis and decision making during the mastering process.

If needed, we can also recommend and coordinate your mix being mastered by one of our associated specialist mastering engineers.

Live Sound

The same technology that we use for recording is also available for use in a live performance environment. We simply capture your stage sound using our high end microphones and interfaces and amplify it using a JBL Eon PA and monitoring system. At the same time it is possible to capture your performance as either a stereo or multitrack recording, for mixing at a later date.

Live Stream Sound

Rather than relying on the tiny microphone in your iPhone, we offer a pro-quality service that will ensure that your music is heard in the way that you intended. All of the technology that we use for recording can also be used to ensure that your live stream sound is broadcast at the highest possible quality.

Our Tools

Mac Mini M1 and Macbook Pro
Neumann KH 80 DSP Monitors
Avantone Mixcube
RME Interface + ADAT Expander
Cranborne Audio - EC2 Preamp
Golden Age Project - Comp-2A Compressors * 2
PreSonus - StudioLive AR12 USB Mixer
Presonus - HP4 Headphone Monitor Amp
Advanced Audio (CM251), Neumann and Oktava Condenser Microphones 
AEA and Royer Ribbon Microphones
Shure and Beyer Dynamic Microphones
PZM Microphones
Eventide Space
Korg SDD-3000

Some of our main audio production tools -

Ableton Live 11
Izotope RX9
Izotope Neutron
Izotope Ozone
Celemony Melodyne 

Examples of some of the software plugins that we can use to sculptor your sound -

Acustica Audio
Kush Audio
Liquidsonics - Seventh Heaven
Native Instruments - A fine selection of Kontakt based virtual instruments and effects
oeksound - Soothe2
Output - Portal
SSL and Sonimus Channel Strips
Spitfire Audio - A selection of superb virtual instrument libraries
Valhalla - Full set of reverbs and delays
Wavesfactory - Spectre and Track Spacer

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